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True Office is Gamifying Financial Services Complaince Training

The Gamification Corporation – 9/1/2012

The financial services sector is now taking gamification seriously and with the help of True Office, employee compliance training has never been more engaging.


App Turns Dull Employee Training Into A Game

Mashable Business – 8/30/2012

Instead of reading boring documents or watching corporate videos, “training” can now be completed in 15 minutes of gameplay. Employers can measure the progress of players, and the app is compatible with both iOS and Android apps and can be played on any computer hooked up to the web. Training games can also be customized based on a corporation’s needs.


Gamification Gets Serious for Financial Services Compliance Training

Wall Street & Technology – 8/29/2012

By turning training into a game, you can reinforce what constitutes a model corporate citizen. Gamification is a Trojan horse. It starts out about compliance, but it can do much more than just the minimum compliance that most companies do now.


Corporate Compliance Is a Game for Cristobal Conde

American Banker – 8/24/2012

“As a CEO, I was frustrated by the courses we would have to put employees through. I saw [compliance training] as a missed opportunity. As a CEO of a firm you want to reaffirm core values, and encourage good corporate citizenship.”
- Cristóbal Conde


A Graphic Novel? No, Compliance Training

SNL Financial – 8/17/2012

In sum, [True Office] is corporate training transformed into a whodunit. “A lot of people thought it was great,” Gary Cormier, director of HR consulting at Harvard University, told SNL Kagan. “Contrast that with two hours of training that might be dreary and boring.” By interacting with the game, the company knows that the employee is active and engaged. In traditional training sessions, employees might not be paying attention. “You have no idea if they’re daydreaming,” Cormier said.


True Office Appoints Executive Chairman

Compliance Week – 8/17/2012

“True Office, a start-up technology company that gamifies regulatory compliance training, has appointed Cristóbal Conde as executive chairman, effective immediately. FinTech Innovation Lab provided a unique opportunity for True Office to test its innovative approach to compliance training with senior leadership at a number of leading financial services firms,” said Maria Gotsch, President and CEO of the New York City Investment Fund.


Accenture and Kravis-backed Fund Help Technology Start-Ups

Institutional Investor – 8/16/2012

Recently, FinTech mentor Cristóbal Conde, formerly CEO of SunGard, a provider of diverse software platforms and services to financial firms, joined the executive ranks of True Office-a move that exemplifies the benefits of the FinTech program.


Compliance Is Not A Game, But Learning It Should Be, Tech Veteran Says

Thomson Reuters Accelus – 8/15/2012

“The goal should be that everyone instinctively knows how a model business citizen behaves in a global environment,” Conde said. …he has discussed these ideas with other global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Most of the attendees were frustrated by spending so much time and money on compliance training that just emphasizes minimum standards rather than aspirational goals. But Conde said he was frustrated by the attitude of some CEOs who don’t get the message, saying “they consider compliance training a tax rather than an opportunity”.


Cristóbal Conde Appointed Executive Chairman of True Office

True Office – 8/14/2012

Former President and CEO of SunGard Lends Talent to Innovative Gamification Company for Risk and Regulatory Compliance Training


Startups Woo Wall Street Banks In Tech Arms Race

Bloomberg – 8/1/2012

“The banks have not only participated in our development process, they have driven it,” said Adam Sodowick, chief executive officer of True Office, a 1-year-old company that makes mobile games intended to complement compliance training.


True Office Turns Boring Corporate Training Into a Game

Xconomy – 7/30/2012

“Another advantage that True Office offers, Sodowick says, is the ability to measure how well employees are remembering what they’re learning. In four pilot tests the company ran last year, it found that 95 percent of employees better understood their companies’ policies after completing the game”.


A Game Called Compliance

Wall Street & Technology – 7/25/2012

“Through its series of data-rich mobile games for the iPad which contain advanced analytics, the start-up hopes to help companies reduce risk and save money while grabbing the ever-shortening attention span of Millennials and other office workers”.


6 Start-Ups Defining the Future of Finance

Inc. – 7/19/2012

“The True Office app could become a saving grace for anyone who is sick of being stuck in arduous compliance training sessions”.


Tech Gets the Wall Street Treatment at FinTech Innovation Lab Demo Day

New York Observer – 7/18/2012

“That’s not Jamie Dimon,” joked Adam Sodowick, founder and CEO of True Office, as an avatar in his game walked onto the screen. However, Mr. Dimon’s employer, J.P. Morgan, was one of the 12 banks that mentored the FinTech Innovation Lab participants…”


FinTech Push Yields Early Results

Crains – 7/18/2012

“The competitive three-month program—the six participants were chosen out of 70 applicants—offers a crash course for early and growth-stage tech companies targeting the financial services industry. The companies get to work with banks and mentors to test out and refine their products, and they get entrée to the major financial institutions that are their potential customers”.


BIG ON BIG DATA: 6 Smart Startups to Watch

Security Technologies Monitor – 7/18/2012

They are the graduates of the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab, created by the New York City Investment Fund and Accenture; and, nurtured by Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Citigroup, UBS, State Street, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and a host of venture funds.


Pong For Corporate Training?

Fortune – 5/15/2012

We’re going against PowerPoint and three-ring binders here, he notes. The data and tools True Office provides are sure to set a few hearts in compliance racing.

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