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Insider Trading — The Training Game — Sounds A Little Like SAC

Forbes – 7/31/2013

True Office, the company that gamifies regulatory and compliance training, has launched an anti-insider trading game. The game, which uses the scenario of a fictional investment bank (RXG Capital) accused of insider trading, is intended to help companies more accurately identify and manage risk through reality-based, experiential learning.

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Making a Game of Compliance

Wall Street Journal – 7/31/2013

Breaking down the complex issues of compliance-whether regulations about sanctions, anti-bribery, anti-corruption or insider trading-into a training program employees can understand and retain is no easy task for companies. Making a game of it may be the way to engage workers and boost results.

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Fun, Gamification, and Finance

Institutional Investor – 4/5/2013

Conde tells the story of one employee who enjoyed the program so much that he wanted to take it again. “I never heard of such a thing in anti-money-laundering [training],” says Conde. “When people are having fun, they learn a lot more.”

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New York’s FinTech Innovation Lab Links Startups To Big Banks

Forbes Tech – 2/6/2013

[Steve Sparkes of Morgan Stanley] especially likes solutions, like True Office, that meet needs across the industry. Good training is an industry-wide need, not a competitive edge for any single firm. “We would rather not spend money in a duplicative way if it can be developed by a third party. That’s cheaper than doing it ourselves.” Morgan Stanley is engaging with True Office, he added.

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